About Us

Radees is a leading company providing professional electrical and electronic engineering solutions for all key market segments

Radees Trading Riyadh

We have advanced knowledge of sophisticated global and local expertise and technology, allowing us to provide solutions and services to our customers that enable them to improve their operations and increase their efficiency. And we have a high and excellent capabilities in the field of electricity, automation systems and low voltage and thus offer integrated solutions in the field of electrical engineering

Our strength lies in our ability to provide a wide range of services, under one umbrella and designed specially to suit the specific need of each client individually.

With our extensive experience we have a broad base of clients ranging from energy, data centers, manufacturing sites, hospitals, hotels, airports, power stations to the latest alternative energy systems and smart buildings technologies

Since 2010, a partnership between Radees and Zener Europe started. We ventured into a successful model to provide outstanding Technological solutions in the Saudi Arabian market