Parking Management Systems

We provide outstanding driver information and Parking Management systems which are designed to improve the management of car parkings and end user (customer) services. It eases search and reservation of parking spaces, resulting in significant time, money and energy saving. We have a considerable positive impact on customer satisfaction and marketable reputation as convenient-comfort parking.

Our solution built in collaboration with world-wide market leader Parksol has major features:

  • Provides accurate information and reliable parking performance.
  • Improves parking efficiency up to 30%.
  • Reduces traffic congestion and environmental pollution.
  • Positively impacts customer satisfaction and marketable reputation.
  • Minimizes parking lot management and maintenance cost.
  • Increases parking revenues and overall profitability.

The occupancy of each parking space is constantly monitored via ultrasonic or magnetic sensors. This information is collected with the help of data concentrators and is sent to the central computer, where the ParkSol software accurately directs drivers to areas of vacant parking spaces.

Moreover, it provides occupancy level analysis over the specified periods of time, allowing facility managers to make intelligent and timely decisions that improve operational excellence of parking lots and spaces.

Parking Management

Our Parking Management system can be adopted to meet specific customer needs. Additionally, it can be customized and integrated with other suppliers systems such as lighting, access control barriers, payment systems, etc.

Parking Management Ultrasonic Sensors

One important element of a parking management system is the parking ultrasonic sensor, this sensor is designed for mounting on the ceiling or a cable channel and detecting the availability of a parking space. It is recommended for covered parking lots. All ParkSol sensors have the digital signal processing (DSP), adaptive sensitivity and temperature compensation functions. The sensor transmits the parking space availability information in real-time to the ParkSol system. The system represents the number of free parking spaces on LED screens.

Some of these sensors exclusive benefits

  • Made in the European Union.
  • 124 detectors in a loop.
  • Weather proof – IP66 protection class. Instantly works in -40/+70 ºC temperature.
  • Ambient temperature measurement function, temperature maps.
  • Detector mounting till the height of 4.5 m.
  • Flash Wave energy saving function. Indicators are flashing according to the wave principle, therefore, the system energy consumption is reduced by up to 10-fold.
  • High brightness LEDs with reflector optics and +/-45 degree beam angle adjustment.
  • Remote display function (optional).
  • Sensors are designed to be installed on a standard MQ-type galvanized installation channel.
  • Quick and easy sensor connection to the base via the NailPin connector.
  • Audible warning function (optional).
  • Standalone demo sensor for system presentations.
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Adaptive Temperature Compensation (ATC).
  • Joint commands for parking management sensor groups.
  • Sensor software update over the network.

Parking Management Ultrasonic Sensor



Parking Management LED Panels

A driver’s guide is the Parking Management Displays, LED display shows direction and amount of free parking spaces. LED display receives information in real-time from the ParkSol system or concentrators assigned to it. LED displays help guiding drivers to find a free parking space. LED display is Ethernet based, weather proof, has arrow blinking function and modular construction. Wi-Fi realization and custom solutions are available. Additionally, it can be integrated into road signs, large pylons etc.


Parking Management LED Panels