Video Surveillance

المراقبة بالفيديو

The use of video surveillance systems are increasingly growing in comprehensive security ecosystems and all for good reasons – even the presence of video cameras can serve as prevention to potential crimes. At Radees we are at the forefront of video surveillance solutions from the first generation of monochrome cameras to high-megapixel full HD IP cameras of today.
We offer different products through intelligent video display and real-time web-based and multi-device monitoring enabling the user to use the software to detect events as they happen, allowing him to take proactive measures to his security operations. The interface also provides advanced recovery of recordings and reports.
Advances in security technologies, such as high-definition cameras, security systems now require working on an advanced network, this is why Radees can develop hybrid solutions to start the migration process towards IP if you have an old control network.
Our CCTV solutions can integrate with all the security and safety solutions we have to give all security systems that experience in his hands flexible, easy and effective in the management of