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Radees are specialized in providing integrated solutions in the field of digital signage, we have developed an integrated system for the management of hundreds even thousands of screens from a single source simply and efficiently.

Of the main features of our Digital Signage solution is its ability to work from a central server over both the Internet or on the internal network,

We developed the system to be able to serve a large number of screens and points of display, always at low cost while managed with full flexibility,

As the system is integrated with Touchscreens compatibility, it can also integrate with face counting cameras to accurately determine the number of people who watched your advertising messages

Some of the most important system features:

  • The most comprehensive and flexible system
  • Centralized management of the players, screens, users and content
  • The ability to customize each screen individually or through groups
  • Multiple administrative features
  • Arabization and customization option

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Or access our live demo system here

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