Alarming & Emergency Solutions

حلول الانذار والطوارئ

Radees offers advanced and highly effective Alarming & Emergency Solutions , and these systems receive and combine the inputs from different sensors, such as motion, glass break, water / fuel levels, fire and so on.

We then program the system to send early warnings to various channels such as mobile devices or telephone as well as e-mails and onsite sirens & notifications, we also provide silent alarming models.

These programming are effective and very flexible in a manner that we can customize different reaction to all scenarios and events. So that these solutions become an effective part of the overall security solutions for enterprises homes alike. These systems also interact and fully integrate with virtually any video surveillance systems.

We can always connect alarms entry regulations and closing gates and doorways in synchronized methods

We also offer fire alarm systems with unmatched precision and extremely simple installations. It combines all of the features designed to make it simple in maintenance and low operating cost over the long lifespan of the system.

Radees provides to its customers rapid response and control, management and monitoring of multiple sites with around the clock emergency solutions and services.

At Radees we only provide standard based, high-quality systems, compliant to the European and American security standards.