Client Portfolio

Five Solution That Distinguishes Us From Everyone Else

Radees is a leading technical organization providing professional electrical and electronic engineering solutions for all key market segments, among these solutions:

  1. Digital Signage

    Radees are specialized in providing integrated solutions in the field of digital signage, we have developed an integrated system for the management of hundreds even thousands of screens from a single source simply and efficiently.

  2. Building Security

    Radees offers integrated solutions in the field of advanced security systems, detection, surveillance, early warning and notification and administration in the area of Building Security

  3. Audio Visual Solutions

    Radees technology division is a creative, leading-edge provider of audio visual solutions for residential, commercial, educational and architectural applications

  4. Parking Management System

    We provide outstanding driver information and parking guidance systems which are designed to improve the management of car parks

  5. Integrated Access Control

    Integrated access control systems include electronic security and management solutions implemented to manage the flow and to control the access of people into, around and out of buildings and secured areas